Fais de ta plainte un chant d'amour pour ne plus savoir que tu souffres (touareg)
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De :  aI78YKv48TT, Le : 03-07-2016   à : 15h33
I definitely think Sherrif Joe and/or Xullo SHOULD testify and the upcoming trial in MS.All that is asked is for them to testify to what they have already stated several times. That does not interfere with an &qgou;onuoing&qtot; investigation since it has already been released.The information means nothing until before a DA or JUDGE !!!

De :  L8b4sHTJ82L, Le : 03-07-2016   à : 15h29
I would diagerse, I shoot for a living and I have not seen anything the 1D can do that I have not done with the 5D with the exception of more frames for sporting events. I will actually shoot better at low light than than the 1D, just less focal points. I would not call it for beginners unless you just want to shoot in all auto mode.

De :  iuvsfdHtM, Le : 03-07-2016   à : 15h24
According to measurements taken of the Guthrie photo of the &qe&l;suatoquot; it appears to be considerably smaller than the official HI Seal that has been seen on other certified HI LFBCs. This is very suspicious.Plus another very curious fact that does not pass the smell test.It was stated at the P.C. that BHO would not be holding the BC when he spoke to the press. Why? Answer: This would allow BHO to later claim that he had never seen the BC, let alone have it in his possession to examine it.BTW, this is a phony argument and would never stand up in any legitimate court.

De :  qCpgNzPwx0r, Le : 03-07-2016   à : 15h10
I just love it when I read a recipe that sounds good, and I have all the inesdeigntr. I have wasabi paste, neglected, in my cupboard. We love salmon so I'll have to see if we have any fresh salmon at my market.I can taste this, already. I like that it's healthy, too!

De :  4KK3cf6m, Le : 03-07-2016   à : 15h05
what fabulous cards you have created Bev - the Sarah Kay card is so pretty and I love the bright re/hnreeg/wdite colours on your christmas card. annie x

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